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Newsletter Issue #10

How goes it? This month we feature a classic article by Wilbur Kookmeyer creator Bob Penuelas that teaches you how to draw a wave in his instantly recognizable style. We've also added some sick new selections to Nick LaVeccia's page - you can check them out here. Hope your holiday season has been pleasant and that you've been blessed with a little north swell goodness over the last couple of weeks.

'Til next time,peace
The Waveriders Gallery Dudes

Inside the Studio

Bob PenualasIf you’re like me, then you’ve probably spent a lot of time in high school class daydreaming and doodling a thousand perfect cartoon waves on your notebook.

It’s safe to say that ninety percent of us surfers have a habit of scribbling perfect waves whenever a pencil is in our hands.

Hopefully the following pointers will help you change your throw-away wave doodles into actual compelling artwork that you want to keep forever.

Basic Wave: Drawing 1
Step 1. Sketch in the basic shape of the curl, spray, foam and base of the wave.

Basic Wave: 1st Sketch
Step 2. Add an extra line running parallel and below the curl line to define the thickness of the lip.
Basic Wave: 2nd  Sketch
Step 3. Add a flow line starting at the lip and curve it around to suggest roundness of the liquid lip. Continue that same flow line around with a half oval down to the base of the wave to show the concave curve of the wave face.
Basic Wave: 3rd  Sketch

Off the lip

“There's no retirement for an artist, it's your way of living so there's no end to it .” -Henry Moore

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Sipping Jetstreams
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DVDs This offering of surf movies is a healthy cross section of wave riding on film and ranges from the classic to the quirky, any one of which will make a fantastic addition to your surf movie collection.

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upcoming exhibits

Surf painter Alan Casagrande’s work will be shown on an ongoing basis at the Surf Hut Gallery in Encinitas. Stop by 696 N Coast Highway 101 or call (760) 436-5542 for more information.

Wade Koniakowsky will be at Surf Expo in Orlando in January showing some new "art boards" and releasing a new line of men's shirts with Coastal Classics. Following this, Wade will be in Puerto Rico for a show at the Playa Oeste Gallery in Rincon, then its back to Charleston SC for a show at Open Studio in Folly Beach and Las Olas Ocean Market in downtown Charleston.

Photographer David Pu’u will release a new film in Spring ’08 entitled An Equatorial Convergance. To check out a trailer and learn more about what should prove to be a stunning piece of surf cinema, click here.

Ron Croci has signed a deal with Blue Water Surfboards to paint a custom line of premium balsa wood boards. You can check out an example of one of these masterpieces here.


Green Room
Every month we get brilliant submissions from painters and photographers around the world both established and unknown. Carefully picking through these submissions we select a handful of choice photos and paintings to put "on exhibit." In this small way we can introduce you to new artists (or at least new to you). It is our pleasure to present these unique pieces for your enjoyment and purchase.

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