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Cherrie LaPorte has been a glass artist for over 25 years in San Diego. Her work has been collected worldwide and she is renown for her unique mosaic glass surfboards. cherrielaporte bio photoHer glass art consists of fused glass jewelry, sculpture and mosaics in an abstract contemporary style, giving attention to bold colors, eclectic forms and texture. Her current focus and passion is mosaic glass surfboard sculptures which came from the desire to create sculpture using an iconic form of a recycled surfboard and a range of colorful glass. Each board tells a story from the shaper, to the surfer and finally the artist.

Prices start at $6,200 and vary based on complexity. Here are some examples of Cherrie's work. She can make a similar piece or a completely custom piece.
Please contact Waveriders Gallery for more information: 858-539-2680

cherrie spirit

Spirit (sold)

cherrie board 2

Bubble Up  $6,200

cherrie mermaid mosaic

The Mermaid $6,900

cherrie play of colors

Play of Colors $6,500

cherrie board 5

Love in Motion (sold)

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