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mrumsey double abalone fugu fish 6 3 c 3504 size

                             6' 6" hollow wood "Fugo Fish", with 8" single fin
                                  Redwood and inlaid abalone. $3,800


Mike Rumsey is a fourth generation San Diegan and a lifelong surfer and fisherman. He is currently designing and building finely detailed hollow wooden surfboards- a truly functional example of fine art. Although most of these boards are properly shaped, fibre-glassed and ride-worthy, it's hard to imagine doing anything other than putting these stunning pieces on display. Many of Mike's boards are inlaid with abalone, mother-of-pearl and turquoise.     He never uses paint or stain; the colors come from within each hand-selected piece of wood and they include: poplar, cypress, eucalyptus, redwood, cedar, jatoba, koa, teak and mango. Mike doesn't always have a clear idea for his boards until he starts working with the wood. "I allow the naturally occuring colors and grain to spark ideas for feathers, fish, sunlight, water or just free-flowing designs." 

Prices range from $3,800 to $8,600 per board depending on the size, shape and materials used. Please contact Waveriders Gallery for information. 858-539-2680

mrumsey under the palapa bottom from afar huge size

7' 6" hollow wood "Under the Palapa", twin fin
Deck: pine, poplar, redwood.
Bottom (shown): pine, redwood, alder, pauduk, poplar,         wenge, white cedar

mrumsey tuna time 8 a 3504 size






             8' 0" hollow wood "Tuna Time"                     Mango, cedar, redwood, poplar, pine, teak, mahogany   and mother-of-pearl. $8,600

mrumsey asymmetrical full mooner 7 10 a 2544 size





      7' 10" "Asymmetrical Full Mooner". Hollow wood, finless creation...
      Teak, cedar, redwood, poplar. Deck has turquoise inlay. Bottom has a          deep concave. $6,800

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