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Master craftsman, Martijn Stiphout


ventana 6 6 treefish
                                                    6' 6" Treefish (6' 6" x 21.5" x 2.5")
                                    Reclaimed Redwood,Ash, red abaone inlay.
                                                   Rails: Oak cork. $3,800.




Ventana's method of building hollow wooden surfboards is a synthesis of traditional design and modern techniques, materials, and knowledge. They continually strive to improve their techniques, and only build boards that are totally surfable.

Even if these boards live out their lives adorning the walls of collectors, they instill the experience of surfing adventures in everyone who sees them.

    All of Ventana's boards are made to be surfed!

Prices range per board depending on the size, shape and materials used. Please contact Waveriders Gallery for information on custom boards or to place an order: 858-539-2680



ventan 8 2 cruiser

8' 2" Classic Cruiser (8' 2" x 21.5" x 2.75")
Reclaimed redwood, yellow cedar wedges, abalone inlays
Rails: oak core. $3,600

ventana 5 11 piney rwood

  5' 11" Piney Redwood Disc (5' 11" x 21" x 2.375")
Pine, Redwood, Mahogany Plywood, Abalone Inlay
                     Balsa Fins. $2,800                 

ventana sup full board img 3379 large





          8' 4" Hollow Redwood SUP (8' 4" x 32" x 4.5") 32 lbs.
              Reclaimed Redwood, Douglas Fir, Jade Inlays
                   Leash Cup: Hand-Turned Maple
                   Standard Longboard Box with Futures Side boxes
                   Paddle (included):  2 lbs, hollow redwood and cherry
                      Blade: Steam-bent walnut and agave. $5,000
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