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Bold colors, geometric patterns, and botanical profiles capture the eye in Erik Abel’s artwork. Inspired by his love of the ocean, surfing and travel, Abel’s work articulates the spirit of the water and awe of nature. abel studio3 apr12web bio photoHis roots as a California surfer intermingle with his experiences traveling to the South Pacific and Central America, imparting an organic, tribal style to his subjects and compositions.

Upon a closer look, Abel’s graphic imagery unfolds to tell the story of his paintings. Accents peak through unexpectedly revealing the layers of color Abel cloaks in each piece while loose strokes of colored pencil and marker create dimension.

Abel lives and works a few blocks from the beach in Ventura, CA. His original pieces have been featured in galleries across the country while his commercial work has attracted clients including Patagonia, Reef, and Billabong. Currently Abel is focusing on giving back to environmental and humanitarian projects through nonprofit partnerships, exhibitions, and commercial projects.

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