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rsteadham shredding-malibu


Inspired as a youngster of the 1960s by the music steadham-mugshotof The Beach Boys and the art of Rick Griffen, Richard came of age surfing the beaches of Orange County, from Huntington Beach down to Doheny. Attending California State University at Fullerton as an art major with an emphasis in illustration, he made the rounds of Los Angeles publishers, seeking freelance work from anyone willing take a chance on a budding young artist.

It wasn’t long before the publishing centers back east lured him to the Washington, D.C. area where he landed a job, first as a book designer and illustrator for a small publisher, and later, as a magazine art director.

Moving back home to Southern California in 2004, settling this time in San Diego, he took up surfing once again, as well as painting the sport he loves so much. Most mornings these days, he can be found in the dawn patrol lineup at Tourmaline, taking inspiration from a subject he knows well.

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