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Big waves, epic swells, and stunning photography are the tomane bio picmain reasons why Tó Mané has made a name for himself in the world of surfing. Born and raised in Portugal, Tó began surfing in 1988, and fell in love with the surfing culture. The lifestyle of surfing, hanging out at the beach, and the progression of the sport drove him to begin capturing these moments. He began using manual cameras picked up from his grandfather, and in 1998 his dream came true when he published his first pro surf photo for Surf Magazine. What sets To' apart from many other modern photographers is the fact that he does not focus on editing his work, rather he focuses on producing natural photos with a bit of contrast if needed.  “I love to visualize the picture that I want, and I strive to make it happen.”- Tó Mané

To' Mane'

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